Serving the finest gentleman in Houston, Texas since 1990


At R. Rose Clothier, our goal is to offer the highest quality clothing and best customer service for your money anywhere. One way we achieve that goal is by having no marketing expense which companies pass on to the customer. Further, we deal primarily with small manufacturers that have maintained the integrity of their products. As a result, the majority of our business has come by word of mouth from previously satisfied customers.




We carry several lines of ties including J. Z. Richards, casual pants, belts, dress shoes such as Alden, a variety of hosiery such as Pantherella, Texas Yacht Club polos, fine suiting from Samuelsohn and Empire, as well as our own line of sport and dress shirts.


In addition to our expertise garnered over forty years in the clothing industry, we are a one stop shop with our very own team of fine tailors. They stand at the ready to shape our clothing to your most desired fit.